Garni Hotel Apartments Sovara
Fam. Perathoner
Str. Larciunëi 22
39048 Wolkenstein/Selva Gardena
Tel. +39 0471 795505
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Martin Perathoner

I made my professional formation as qualified wood carver and sculptor
in the Art School of Selva and in the Art College of Florence.

About my long experience

Due to my 35 years old wood carver and sculptor experience,
I give guarantee for quality, as I only use first class wood for the
extraordinary and lovingly shaped wood carvings.

My offer presents a variety of cribs, Madonna, saint figures,
sacred figures, angels, profane figures, children, animals, clowns, reliefs,
modern figures, small souvenirs and near all representations in wood
offered in this sector.

I’m at your disposal for special desires, too.

All with a high quality and good prices!

Come and make it sure visiting me personally in my atelier
near to the Garni SOVARA in Selva.

I take the occasion to thank my constant customers,
who have accompanied me through all the years.